Two talks by Barry Brown on 11.02 in Otaniemi and 13.02. in Helsinki

Prof. Barry Brown from Stockholm University is visiting us and will give a talk on Wednesday at Aalto University and one on Friday at Helsinki Univerist. Barry’s talk will provide an exciting overview of the post-iPhone world from the perspective of a leading HCI researcher. Barry’s background is in computer science and ethnography and he’s one of the few researchers in the world who can convincingly link the development of the smartphone to social sciences.

  1. What did Apple ever do for us? Understanding how the iPhone has changed the technology world
    Wednesday 11th of February, 10:00-11:00
    TUAS R037/TU2 2005
    Abstract: There can be few devices in recent years that have changed the world of technology as much as the iPhone. While most of us know the story of Steve Jobs’ involvement, few know how Apple Designers such as Bas Ording invented many of the features that made the iPhone possible. In this talk I will dive into the history of the iPhone creation, and talk a little about our attempts at Mobile Life in Stockholm to understand how smartphones are changing our world and how we might design them better.
  2. On the iPhone: studying the co-present use of mobile devices
    Friday, February 13th, 2015, at 13.00-14.00
    Helsinki University main building,Fabianinkatu 33, hall 3, 2. floor
    Abstract: Over the last three years we have collected hundred of hours of recordings of mobile device use in diverse settings. We have recorded drivers using GPS to navigate, iPhone use recorded with wearable cameras, and remote recordings of mobile phone screens with ambient audio. These videos let us document how mobile devices have become threaded into diverse worlds of activity and how reliant we have become on our mobile devices. In this talk I will focus on the interaction and talk around mobile devices, arguing that this can be as important as interaction with mobile devices. A web search might be shared with a friend, GPS’s instructions can become the subject of a joke, or the composition of a text message discussed with a partner. Our videos let us see how conversations are influenced by mobile devices, through providing topics and interruptions, but also how device use is coordinated to fit with conversation, such as showing or narrating on phone activity.

Bio: Barry Brown is a professor of human computer interaction at Stockholm University. He is the research director of Mobile Life, a world leading institute looking into the future of mobile devices, in partnership with Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, IKEA, ABB, Telia Sonera and Stockholm City. He has published over 100 academic articles and four books, his most recent of which is forthcoming with MIT Press titled “Enjoying Machines”.

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